everything about fish finder

A GPS fish finder is one of the most effective tools that makes you able to find the N number of fishes in no time. There are several selections of the fish finders available in the market, hence it is tough to pick the best one for you. Am I right? Your one misstep while buying it lead you to the ineffectual and useless device.

After receiving a list of questions from the first time buyers of the fish finders, we came to know people makes several mistakes while purchasing this device. So to add ease, we highlight the top three mistakes that people made while considering the fish finder.

Top 3 Mistakes That People Should Avoid While Buying Fishfinder

Mistake #1 – Fish finder Without GPS is Useless

A fish finder comes with the lots of features such as power wattage, display size, number of pixels and so on that makes fishing even more convenient for the beginner fisherman. But one thing that people should not avoid is GPS. A GPS fish finder is more reliable than the traditional one.

Here are some of the pros & cons of the GPS Fish finder


  • GPS allows the user to get back home safely in the case of emergency
  • It makes you able to create your own map
  • Fish finder can capture the picture of the locations and if you find a place with full of fishes, then you can save the location for your next fishing consideration


  • The only cons involve in GPS fishing device is its cost. If you want to buy it, then you may need to pay the double amount of the normal fish finder.

Mistake #2 – Considering the wrong type of sonar

Basically, sonar divides into the two different types one is down scanned and another one is side scan. The major difference between the two is that down scan transit the signal below the boat while the side scan gives the signal from the side of the boat.

Now let’s discuss the pros and cons of the down and side scan sonar

Pros Of Down Scan

  • It provides the detail information of the fishes such if the fishes are inside the school or structure.
  • It delivers around 40ft or deeper accurate readings

Cons of the Down Scan

  • The reflection you will see while using it in the shallow water can lead you to the blurry reading.  In this case, you can simply adjust the signal power to get clear readings.
  • Its extreme focus feature makes you unable to see the other activities on the side of the boats.

Pros Of The Side Scan

  • It allows you to keep an eye on the more extents in the sole pass.
  • It comes with the less noise feature that makes it a reliable and handy device

Cons Of The Side Scan

  • It is not effective in the deep water

#3 Mistake – Don’t purchase portable fish finder because of the fewer cost

A portable fishfinder is more tempting than other fishing devices because it is cheaper in price than others. But considering it only because of its inexpensive price is not good. Hence, it is essential to get features and pros or cons before considering it.


  • It is can be easily mounted and move from one to another place
  • You have no need to permanently install it on the boat
  • Of Corse very affordable price


  • Portable fish finders utilize suction cups for mounting on the boat which makes it insecure. It can be easily pulled in the case of the high speed of the boat.
  • The settings of this device are a little hard for the first time user.

Final Thoughts

Now are very well familiar with the things that you should consider while purchasing it. One thing that you need to know that every boat requires a different size of the fish finder. Therefore, make sure to consider it as per your boat requirements. So now you can purchase the right GPS fish finder to make fishing even more enjoyable and fun.